Terms of service

Fair usage policy


Processed pages

All pages submitted to the Blue Prism Document Automation service irrespective of whether those pages are Classified and/or Digitized.

Classified pages

A page is classified when the Document Automation Service is able to match it to a template page configured in the service.

Digitized pages

A page is digitized when it has been Classified and the Document Automation Service extracts handwritten and/or printed-type fields and converts them into machine-readable data.

Cruft pages

Processed pages that cannot be Classified and, hence, cannot be Digitized.

Fair usage capacity

  • Cruft Pages may not be more than 55% of Processed Pages.
  • Less than 500 template sheets per pipeline.
  • Less than 2,000 schema fields per pipeline.
  • Less than 1,000 pages per batch.
  • Maximum 50MB (megabytes) per file submitted. This is a hard system limit.

Document Automation's fair usage policy ensures that the service is performant for all users and allows Blue Prism to provide customers with a simple pricing scheme.

Blue Prism will notify you in advance if we believe your usage is not within our fair usage policy and work with you to redress the usage.

Supported web browsers

SS&C Blue Prism Document Automation runs on the latest versions of these web browsers:

Only HTTPS TLS version 1.2 is supported.

Document Automation only has limited functionality on Internet Explorer. Download or update your browser using the links above.