About SS&C | Blue Prism® Document Automation

The SS&C Blue Prism Document Automation (DA) platform is a complete and scalable solution that turns faxed or scanned forms into automation-ready data. Our competitive edge lies in the quick and accurate digitization of real-world, low-quality printed text and handwriting by our machine learning technology at high volumes. Our customers utilize the platform to automate digital workflows, leading to enhanced efficiencies and expedited turnaround times.

Set up is easy and requires no coding or machine learning training. Your blank forms are used as templates to extract individual form fields (called 'shreds') for digitization. The document recognition engine automatically identifies and classifies pages by matching them to your templates and extracts printed-type and handwritten data from your defined form fields. Our ML recognizes signatures and transcribes text, numbers, and checkboxes at an image level. Data transformations can be applied to make data output consistent and ready for ingestion into a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or other backend system. There is an optional data perfection step to further inspect the digitized results, apply human-determined business logic, and any other corrections if necessary.

Barcodes, QR codes, and other customer specific requirements may be available upon request and done in coordination with the Document Automation professional services team.

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