Using your Document Automation free trial

This guide walks you through how to digitize files with your new Document Automation account. To achieve optimal results, you must follow and complete each step, as well as any substeps.

Materials to get started:

  • Document Automation Trial Account. Sign up here.

  • A clean, structured, blank version of the form you’d like to digitize. This will become your template.

  • A set of files to digitize (filled-in forms of the template).

Steps to digitization

Step 1: Template creation

  1. Select the Templates tab.
  2. Click Create Template.

  3. Enter a unique name for your template and click Save.

  4. Click Upload Pages and select the required page. The page should:
    • Be a structured blank form
    • Be in one of the following formats: PNG, GIF, JPG, or PDF
    • Be no larger than 1600 x 1200 pixels
    • Not include handwriting

Step 2: Field creation

  1. Select the Fields tab to open the field library.
  2. Enter a Name for the field. It is recommended to create field names with a naming convention, lowercase letters, and words separated by underscores. For example, user_first_name, user_dob, user_gender.

  3. Select a Data Type for the field. Set the field’s Data Type to Medium Text , this data type can capture both letters and numbers.
  4. If a multiple choice field is required:
    1. Select the Data Type as Select One or Select Many.
    2. Enter the required values in the Multiple Choice Selection column, separated by a comma, with no following spaces. For example, value 1,value 2,value 3,

Step 3: Field placement

  1. On the Template Edit page, click the +Add Fields button or the + icon.

  2. Click on the fields from the right panel and move them onto the template image. Resize the fields as small and precise as possible.

Step 4: Submit a batch

  1. In your template dashboard, open the drop-down menu of the template and click Change Status.

  2. In the modal, select the Active status to enable your template for digitization.

  3. Navigate to the Inbox tab.

  4. Upload files by dragging and dropping files into the dotted box under New Batch, or by browsing and selecting files from the computer.

  5. Enter a name for the batch in the modal.

  6. When all the documents have finished uploading, you have the option to add more forms by clicking Add or completing the batch by clicking Finish.

  7. Click Process this Batch. You can either pick an active template for your files to sort against, or you can select Pick the right template Automatically.

Step 5: Review your data

  1. Select the Data tab and click Data Hub.
  2. You can either double click on the data set that you want to view, or you can click on the blue + sign to the right of the job name and then select View Data.

    By clicking on the drop down menu next to the View Data tab, you can choose to export your data into a CSV file.