User guides

Find out how to use SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher IDP:

  • Getting started – Use the sample SS&C | Blue Prism® Enterprise processes and Decipher IDP template to extract data from invoices.
  • Using the Decipher VBO – How to use the Decipher VBO in Blue Prism processes to automate the interaction between Blue Prism and Decipher IDP.
  • Creating document form definitions – How to create and amend Decipher IDP document form definitions (Decipher IDP templates) to ensure the data you want to extract is extracted by Decipher IDP’s OCR functionality.
  • Architecture and security – Architecture and security considerations for the Decipher IDP components and inter-component communication.
  • Training classification models – How to create and train a Decipher IDP classification model to recognize different document types.
  • Best practices – This is a high-level guide to the implementation of Decipher IDP.
  • Testing for accuracy in Decipher IDP – Defines accuracy of data extractions and how to test accuracy of Decipher IDP using a standard set of documents.
  • Machine learning – How to configure machine learning and how it works.
  • Exceptions – How to configure, apply, and remove exceptions.
  • Training models overview – An outline of the different training methods used by Decipher IDP's document processing.
  • Configuration file parameters – A list of the parameters available in the Blue Prism component configuration files.