Training classification models

This guide describes how to create and train classification models.

1. Create a training classification model

  1. From the Admin Panel page, click Classification Models > Add classification model.

  2. Enter a name for the classification model.
  3. Ensure the Marked for training check box is not selected.

    This option must not be selected until all document batches have been pushed to Decipher using the Blue Prism process. You will need to select this option at a later stage after the batches of training documents have been pushed to Decipher.

  4. Enable the Extensible check box.
  5. Click Create Classification Model.

2. Create a new batch type

  1. From the Admin Panel page, click Batch Types > Add batch type.

  2. Enter a name for the batch type.
  3. Select the new training classification model that you have just created.
  4. In the Included document types table, select the document types that you are including in this training batch.
  5. Click Save batch type.

3. Amend Blue Prism process

You now need to amend the Blue Prism Decipher - 01 Push Documents process (or your own process) to push a batch of training documents to Decipher.

  1. Add a new Create New Batch action.
  2. In the Action Properties, select the Create Classification Training Batch action.
  3. In the Batch Type Name input field, enter the new batch type name.
  4. Enter the document type of the first batch of documents you are sending for classification training.

  5. Ensure that the documents of the type entered are in the specified path and run the process to push the documents to Decipher IDP and train the classification model.
  6. Repeat this process using different document types, until all of the training documents have been pushed to Decipher IDP.

If the classification model's Train model setting is automatic, a minimum of two documents, grouped in the same or separate batches, are required to train the classification model. If the training model is configured to train after a specified number of documents, Decipher IDP requires the defined number of documents.

4. Update classification model

Once all of the training documents have been pushed to Decipher the classification model has been trained, batches pushed for classification have the status Waiting for Class Training.

  1. Edit the classification model and select Marked for training.
  2. Click Update classification model.

  3. The classification model has now been trained, and all batches pushed to Decipher IDP for classification have the status Completed Class Training. You can delete these batches and amend your process to use the Create Batch action to push documents for normal processing to Decipher IDP.

5. Load batch into class verification

  1. From the Class Verification page, click Load Batch and load the batch of documents for verification.

  2. The Document Type field displays the document type the classification model thinks this is and the level of confidence, as a percentage.
  3. If the document type is incorrect, select the correct document type from the drop-down list and click Submit.

6. Skip class verification

When you are satisfied that the system is correctly classifying your documents, you can skip this process by disabling Class verify in Admin Panel > Configuration.

If you don’t want to skip class verification completely, you can edit the batch type under Admin Panel > Batch Types, and select Separate documents with high confidence types in new batch before class verification.