Installing Decipher IDP

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Decipher IDP is a multi-installer product that also requires some third-party software to be installed and configured. If you encounter any issues after installing Decipher IDP, please ensure that you have followed every step in the guide and see Troubleshooting for further advice.

Before installing the Decipher IDP components, you will need to apply a valid Decipher IDP license to the Decipher database in Blue Prism for Decipher IDP to work. See Decipher IDP licensing for details.

If you have already installed the beta version of Decipher IDP, you will need to use Windows Add/Remove Programs to remove all of the (beta) Decipher components from all devices, before installing this release. To avoid any issues, please then follow these installation instructions when re-installing Decipher IDP.

The Decipher IDP components perform the following functions:

  • Decipher Licensing Service – Accesses the Blue Prism database and allows Decipher to retrieve licensing information.
  • Decipher Server – This is the hub for the Decipher system.
  • Decipher Web Client – Provides a graphical user interface to the Decipher system and enables document and class verification. This also includes the RabbitMQ installation.
  • Decipher Automated Clients – Responsible for the core functionality of Decipher, including OCR and data extraction.
  • Decipher Server Plugin – Responsible for exporting completed batch back to Blue Prism via RabbitMQ.