Increased operational resilience

The architecture diagram shown below and the content of this section is designed to improve the operational resilience of a Decipher IDP installation. This is not intended to meet the demands for a formal High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) requirement. A future version of Decipher IDP will include information on how to configure Decipher IDP for HA and DR, meaning that it will support the failure of any individual components and enable the solution to continue operation uninterrupted.



Decipher Web Client and RabbitMQ

  • A single instance of Decipher Web Client and RabbitMQ recommended on one server for security.

Decipher Server

  • Load balanced for potential high availability.
  • Servers across multiple sites for potential disaster recovery.

Decipher Automated Clients

  • Connected to Decipher Server through load balancing.
  • Servers across multiple sites for potential disaster recovery.
  • Multiple Decipher Automated Clients provide load balancing for throughput.

Session data storage

Regardless of whether load balancing is present on the Decipher Web Client server with session persistence, the session data is stored locally and not distributed. The session persistence is ‘IN_PROC’, which means if a virtual machine goes down, users will be automatically logged off.

Session persistence, is a process in which a load balancer creates a relationship between a client and a network server for the duration of a session.