Loss of Decipher Server connection

Error when running the Get Next Completed Batch action in the Decipher VBO

Batches stuck in the "Waiting for Image processing" status

Image processing is one of the steps in the document processing workflow, usually the first after a batch of documents is created, before OCR processing and Data Capture. A separate program (client) is responsible for image processing (C:\Program Files (x86)\Blue Prism\Decipher Automated Clients\SsiImageProcessingClient.exe).

The sections below show the steps to diagnose issues in this area:

Could not connect to the server when attempting to log into Decipher

If you see the following error the Decipher server may not be running.

Decipher Licensing Server won’t start

Remote runtime resources can’t push to Decipher IDP

How do I change the Decipher Server and Web Client Port number?

Decipher Server service won’t start

‘Document has not been processed yet’ error in Blue Prism

‘Server returned error code -36 Invalid Role Name’ error in Blue Prism

‘The Field ID must be unique’ error occurs for unique field IDs in DFDs

Machine learning training doesn’t seem to be working

Display issues in web interface following upgrade

Issues with validation list database connections

'Error loading statistics. Please check the database connection string' error when loading Reports page

Master user is locked after multiple unsuccessful login attempts

Issues training classification models

Refer to the Training classification models troubleshooting section.

High CPU usage from multiple PowerShell commands