Log on and set up Decipher IDP admin

When you log onto SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher IDP for the first time, you use the Admin user name and password. It is recommended that you change this user name and password once you have logged onto Decipher IDP. You can then add new users, assign roles, and create user groups to control user access to Decipher IDP.

Log onto Decipher IDP

  1. Open a Google Chrome browser and navigate to Localhost.

    The Decipher IDP login screen displays. Decipher IDP may take a minute or two to load the first time it is accessed.

  2. Log into Decipher IDP using the following user name and password:

    User name admin
    Password admin

    It is recommended you change this password from the default as soon as possible. See Change admin user name and password for details.

    For enhanced security on shared systems, it is recommended to disable the browser's autofill functionality to prevent other users from accessing credentials from previous login attempts. For more information, see the Google Chrome help website.

    The Decipher IDP Home page displays.

  3. Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA), as prompted. This is only required the first time you access Decipher IDP.

Change admin user name and password

The default Admin user is assigned to the Administrators user group, this role has permission to carry out all tasks in Decipher IDP, including the creation of new users and user groups. It is therefore advisable to amend this user name and password.

To change the default Admin user name and password:

  1. Click the Admin Panel > Users.

  2. Click the Edit button for the Admin user. The Edit User dialog displays.

  3. Amend the username, create a new password, and click Update User, as prompted. See User accounts for details of the Edit User dialog, plus how to create new users, user groups, and details of default user accounts.