Decipher IDP licensing

Decipher IDP requires a valid license to complete the installation. Please do not download this software until you have the license key.

To obtain a valid license key, please contact your Blue Prism Account Manager, Partner Manager or Customer Success Director.

Applying your Decipher IDP license

  1. Log into Blue Prism.

    Ensure that you log into Blue Prism using the connection configured to use the database created for Decipher IDP. This is because Decipher licensing will not work unless you apply the license key to the Decipher database. You also need to ensure you specify this database when installing the Decipher Licensing Service.

  2. Click the System tab and select System > License from the navigation tree. Details of the active license are displayed and options are available to install new licenses and remove existing ones.
  3. Click Install new license to add the Decipher license.