Branches show the available paths through a process. A branching point is identified by a blue diamond or ‘decision point’. From here you can add branches or connections.

Create a branch (Add decision point)

To create a branch:

  1. Add a decision point by right-clicking on a group and selecting Add decision point. The decision point is added directly after this group.

  2. Right-click the decision diamond to display the shortcut menu and select from the following options in the shortcut menu:

    • Edit – Edit the text within the diamond and each condition point.

    • Capture new branch – Capture a new process and insert it as a new branch.

    • Load saved branch – Add pre-saved captures to a branch.

    • Add empty branch – Add a branch as a placeholder that can be added to later. This enables you to create the skeleton of a process without adding detail all at once.

    • Add connection – Enables you to connect this step to an existing step in the process.

Edit branch name

To rename a branch:

  1. Place the mouse cursor to the right of the branch name, and click the pencil icon.
  2. The Edit branch screen displays.

  3. Enter a new branch name into the Branch name field, and click Confirm.
  4. The Edit branch screen closes and the new branch name displays on the main process screen.

Delete a decision point

Deleting a decision point also deletes all branches and connections coming from that decision point. If you want to keep a branch you will need to use the Cut, Copy, and Paste options to move the branches before deleting the decision point.

In this example we need to delete a decision point we added by mistake, but we don’t want to lose any of the grouped steps to the right of the decision point.

Step 1 This branch shows the unwanted decision point and the other grouped steps to the right.

Step 2 Cut or copy all the grouped steps you want to keep. Select them all and select Cut or Copy from the shortcut menu, or use the shortcut keys.

Step 3 . Right-click the decision point and click Delete or press the Delete key on your keyboard. You will see a warning about all connected branches being deleted. Click Delete

Step 4 With the decision point now deleted, right-click the last group and click Paste (ctrl v), or use the shortcut keys.

Step 5 The branch is restored to how it was before the decision point was added.

Delete a branch

If you delete a branch, any other branches that are connected to it are also deleted. If you delete the first branch of a process, a warning message displays.

There are two ways to delete a whole branch.

Option 1 – Click the ... (ellipses) above the first step of that branch and click Delete branch.

Option 2 – Open the Edit decision dialog and click the X next to the branch you want to delete.