About Capture

Blue Prism Capture is an on-premise downloadable software, that allows for auto-generation of a Process Definition Document, from a process owner demonstration. Using computer vision combined with task extraction, the Capture software detects every key process step, every application used, and generates a captured screen for each step of the process. Computer vision allows for auto-generation of bounding boxes, to indicate where the user interacted with the screen, and task extraction ensures that each application utilized is automatically documented. Along with the captured process steps, a process map and key process stats are produced, to create a thorough Process Definition experience. Press Export to receive an auto-generated PDD in Word format and a Visio or PDF diagram of the process.


  • Capture – Automatically capture each step of the process from a process owner demonstration.

  • Review – View the process map and individual steps within Capture. Step through the process flow to review each step and description to ensure the process is reflected at the detail desired. Add decision diamonds to show process exceptions and branching paths where needed.

  • Optimize – Optimize the process by re-arranging and grouping actions from the as-is process to reflect the to-be process flow of the RPA solution. Customize each step by adding further descriptions, notes, or key-stroke level actions, without having to re-capture the process.

  • Export – Export the full PDD in Word format and receive a process map in both PDF and Visio formats.