Capture 3.2: June 2022

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This is the general release of Capture 3.2

Known issues

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Secure development policy

Blue Prism’s secure development process is a market-leading, embedded security culture, focused on delivering security excellence through four key principles:

  • Education – Providing up-to-date knowledge, information, and training to the development team.
  • Evaluation – Regular reviews of our products using industry standard frameworks and security tools.
  • Elimination – Remove potential threats through the evaluation of standards, compliance, and performance.
  • Evolution – Continued improvement of our security program, ensuring alignment with our product technologies and by reacting effectively to new and emerging threats.

Blue Prism secure development is based on OWASP ASVS, ISO 27034 and GDPR Article 25 standards and practices. For more information, see Blue Prism's comprehensive secure development process.


The following new features and enhancements are introduced in this version of Capture:

Description of change


Users now have the option to apply a Blue Prism best practice process template when exporting Blue Prism BPRELEASE export files. This option is available on the Export screen in the User settings dialog.

Applying the Blue Prism best practice process template automatically formats the exported process in line with best practices, reducing the need for manual input in Blue Prism. If the user adds any connections that do not adhere to the best practices set by the process template, they are not included in the exported BPRELEASE file.

If users choose to apply the best practice process template:

  • Connections that do not adhere to the best practice template are displayed in orange on the main process screen. To make users aware that the orange connections are not included in the PDD export, the Edit decision dialog displays a warning under each connection that will not be included.
  • A warning dialog informs users when a connection they have created will not be excluded in the export.

  • An information block is included in the branch subpages of the exported BPRELEASE file. This allows users to easily add additional information to the subpages.











Capture now recognizes the following shortcut keys:

  • Ctrl + Z – Undo
  • Ctrl + Y – Redo
  • Ctrl + C – Copy
  • Ctrl + X – Cut
  • Ctrl + V – Paste
  • Ctrl + G – Group
  • Ctrl + U – Ungroup
  • Ctrl + M – Open and close the mini-map
  • Ctrl + S – Save process
  • Shift + Click – Hold Shift and click two steps in a process to select all steps between them
  • Del – Delete (can be used on step groups, steps, and saved processes)
  • Enter – Opens a selected step group
  • Esc – Closes the step editor, closes the Edit decision dialog, and cancels step selection in the process map
  • Ctrl + scroll – Zooms in and out of the process map
  • Ctrl + + – Zooms into the process map
  • Ctrl + - – Zooms out of the process map

Reminders of the shortcut keys have been added to shortcut menus and tooltips on the main process map and the step editor screen.


The process definition document DOCX file (PDD) export file has an improved structure and new heading styles, and is now exported with the following sections fully populated:

  • Front page
  • Contents
  • Version history
  • Branch names
  • JPG image of the full bird's eye view diagram
  • JPG image of the collapsed group process diagram
  • Process statistics
  • Process applications
  • A focused bird's eye view of the process displaying two steps before and after the selected step (if selected in the user settings)
  • A full bird's eye view (if selected in the user settings)
  • A decision point table for outgoing connections
  • A decision point table for incoming connections
  • A step breakdown for every step in the branch

The Templates page in the User settings dialog has been renamed to PDD template, and the following improvements have been made:

  • The Show focused bird's eye view is selected by default in the Process section.
  • The user interface for the Bird's eye view option has been updated to display the options as radio buttons.





Tables have been updated throughout Capture to maintain consistency across Blue Prism products.


When using Application Modeller spying, the data type (flag, text, collection, number, etc.) for each WIN32 spied element is now automatically displayed in Application Modeller and does not need to be manually reviewed and updated.


Step actions can now be dragged to reorder them in the step editor. Step numbering is automatically updated when steps are reordered. CAP-2673

The Capture 3.2 installer has been updated with latest size of the installation for Capture 3.2, so that users can check that they have enough space for installation.


The Export button on the Export screen is now disabled during exports to prevent users from attempting to export multiple times.


Fixes and minor improvements

The following fixes and minor improvements have been made to Capture in this release:

Description of change


The Time taken field in the exported PDD now accurately reflects the total time that has been spent capturing a process. Previously, the Time taken field was incorrect when re-ordering a group in the recorded process.


When cropping a screenshot in the step editor, you can no longer drag the screenshot while you are cropping it. Previously, the screenshot could be accidentally dragged by users while they attempted to crop it. CAP-2690

The Cancel, Open, Open file, and Delete buttons in the Load Saved Process screen have been re-ordered to Cancel, Delete, Open, and Open file to improve usability.

Shortcut key actions (such as Ctrl + V) are now correctly accepted as type actions in the password field and are replaced by asterisks. CAP-2656
Capture now supports up to 1000 steps, depending on the amount of RAM available. Previously, an issue limited the number of steps supported to around 400. CAP-2931
The Application Modeller spy data is now all successfully captured and included in the exported business objects. CAP-2818
A decision point at the end of a process in Capture now displays correctly as an end stage when imported into Blue Prism. Previously, the process would display with no end stage in Blue Prism. CAP-2185
Thumbnails in the step editor are now displayed correctly for all users. Previously, thumbnails were not displayed for users with a username containing a full stop (.). CAP-3049