Capture 3.1: February 2022

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This is the general release of Capture 3.1

Known issues

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Secure development policy

As part of our secure development policy, Blue Prism products are evaluated against the following security standards:

  • OWASP Top 10 –The security vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to applications development. For more information, see the OWASP website.
  • SANS CWE Top 25 – The most common software security vulnerabilities found throughout the software development industry. For more information, see the SANS website.
  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 – U.S. government standard that defines minimum security requirements for cryptographic modules in information technology products.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

A compliance highlight summary report is available upon request via Product Support.


The following new features and enhancements are introduced in this version of Capture:

Description of change


When application modeller spying is enabled, populated password fields are automatically censored. When captured, sensitive text is obfuscated in the screenshot and the individual letters are replaced by asterisks in the Step actions panel.


Application Modeller spying now works when monitors are not set to 100% scaling. The associated known issue in Capture 3.0 has been resolved.


Help and DX Search have been grouped together in the menu for better accessibility, and they now open the Capture online help and the Digital Exchange in the user's default browser, instead of in the previously used Electron window.

CAP-2148 CAP-2175 CAP-2176

The Process Definition Document DOCX file now contains additional headings to make the navigation pane easier to use. Additionally, the word revision has been changed to version throughout the Process Definition Document (PDD) to be consistent with the user interface.

CAP-2197 CAP-2289

The navigation tree structure has been improved for spied elements in Application Modeller, by using the element's parent names to organize them into a cleaner tree structure. Additionally, the format of the Win32 and UIA elements now displays more consistently in the navigation tree. The elements now display in the following formats:




Win32 Element type - Class name (spymode) Edit Box - Edit (Win32)
UIA Element type - Name (spymode) Edit Box - Text Editor (UIA)

CAP-2149 CAP-1534

A new Blue Prism business objects only (.bprelease) file type option has been added to the Export screen. This option can be used when the user has already exported the process as a Blue Prism release BPRELEASE file, and only requires the business objects to be exported.


Populated password fields are now automatically censored. When captured, sensitive text is obfuscated in the screenshot and the individual letters are replaced by asterisks in the Step actions panel.


To reduce unnecessary features, the step screenshots have been removed from the following screens:

  • Load saved process
  • Load steps
  • Load saved branch


The default name of new processes has been updated from "Untitled" to the more user-friendly name "New Process".


Tooltips have been created for the following features in Capture:

  • Censor
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Bounding box
  • New step
  • Mini-map
  • Process information
  • Zoom
  • Edit process name
  • Edit branch name



If a process has previously been exported, when the Export dialog is opened again for the same process, the text fields are now populated with the information entered during the previous export.


The first launch screen has been made easier to use by removing unavailable options that were previously grayed-out (New, Open, Save, and Export).


The user interface has been improved by implementing a consistent scrollbar style for all screens in Capture.


The PDF process map has been improved by only displaying one branch per page on the process map. The full process map is still displayed on the first page of the PDF document.

Additionally, the user can choose to collapse groups on export. If enabled in the user settings, only the first two screenshots for each group are displayed on the PDF process map . The total number of steps in each collapsed group is displayed under the collapsed‑group screenshots.



The Visio export has been improved by adding the following:

  • Group and step numbering
  • Branch names
  • Larger step blocks
  • Bold font for step and decision names
  • Step actions
  • Step notes


Fixes and minor improvements

The following fixes and minor improvements have been made to Capture in this release:

Description of change


The Process exceptions heading in the exported Process Definition Document DOCX file now displays as a H2 Microsoft Word style. Previously, this heading displayed incorrectly as normal text.



Navigating between the PDD preview pages using the left and right arrows now displays everything that should be in the PDD. Previously, the Bird's Eye View did not display if the second page of the preview was accessed using the arrows.


Table styles in the exported PDD file are now correct. Previously, there were no separating lines, and table headers were not displayed in bold.


The scroll position of the thumbnail pane in the Step Editor now correctly resets when the user navigates between groups of steps using the right and left arrows. Previously, the scroll position remained the same when a different group was selected using the arrows.



Capturing an input (typing) action now displays the correct case in the Step actions panel. Previously, if Caps Lock was enabled during the capturing of an input action, text displayed in the Step action displayed in lower case.


When drawing a bounding box around an element in a screenshot, the bounding box can no longer be incorrectly applied outside of the screenshot. CAP-1767
If branches are deleted in a non-sequential order, all branches are now deleted as expected. Previously, an error displayed and the first branch was not deleted if the user attempted to delete the first branch after deleting the second branch. CAP-2129

The placeholder text in the Step notes field has been updated from Write event info to Provide notes on the current step, for better clarity.


When uninstalling Capture, all files and folders are now deleted from the AppData folder. Previously, one folder containing files remained in the AppData folder after Capture was uninstalled.


Deleting the first branch of a process causes a warning message to display. The information in the warning message has been updated to warn the user that if they choose to proceed, any other branches will be deleted and Capture will close.


The action of clicking Finish (to end the Capture recording) is no longer included in the Capture recording.


Performance has been improved when editing text fields in the Step editor to prevent lagging.


The following issues with the Undo/Redo feature have been fixed:

  • Undoing and redoing steps when adding branches and deleting steps now works correctly and all connection lines remain intact. Previously, the connection lines displayed incorrectly.
  • When the Process title is edited and then the action is undone, the Process title is highlighted. Previously, the process title was not highlighted when the action was undone.



Exported Visio files have been improved by displaying the full decision point names on the decision points. Previously, the text was incorrectly truncated if a decision point name had more than 15 characters.


The following improvements have been made to the exported PDF process map:

  • Branch name is now displayed for all branches.
  • Long branch name is now truncated.
  • Connection lines are now connected correctly.
  • Conditions do not overlap steps.
  • Screenshots now fit the screenshot block.
  • Non-Latin characters are now correctly presented in process name, branch name, decision name and condition name in the exported file.
  • There are now no unintentionally displayed circles on the exported process map.


Now, anywhere on decision point diamonds can be right-clicked to display menu options. Previously, the context menu only displayed when the lower half of the decision point was right-clicked.