About Capture

SS&C | Blue Prism®; Capture is an intelligent process capture platform that simplifies the creation of process definition documents (PDDs) by combining task extraction and computer vision to auto-generate screenshots, step descriptions, process data, and process flows from a process owner demonstration. Customers can then optimize the process by adding or modifying steps and then extract their completed PDD, more quickly and accurately, into their preferred file format, including a Blue Prism process outline, which reduces time to automation even further.

See Capture 3.1 functionality


  • Capture – Automatically capture each step of a process from a process owner demonstration.
  • Review – View the process map and individual steps that have been captured. Step through the process flow to review each step and description to ensure the process is reflected at the detail desired. Add decision diamonds to show process exceptions and branching paths where needed.
  • Optimize – Optimize the process by rearranging and grouping actions from the as-is process to reflect the to-be process flow of the RPA solution. Customize each step by adding further descriptions, notes, or key-stroke level actions, without having to re-capture the process.
  • PDD export – Export the full PDD in Microsoft Word format.
  • bprelease export – Export a skeleton of the process and business objects in BPRELEASE format to import into Blue Prism 6.4 or later.

  • Capture process export – Export your Capture process, or an ALM process definition, as a JSON file.

  • Process map – Generate a PDF or Visio file of the process map, reflecting the process display in Capture.