Silent installation

Installing Blue Prism Capture, including by silent installation via command line, means that you accept the End User License Terms.

The following steps describe how to perform a silent installation of Capture using Powershell:

  1. In File Explorer, navigate to the location of the CaptureInstall-3-0.msi.
  2. Click File and select Open Windows PowerShell > Open Windows PowerShell as administrator.
  3. The PowerShell screen displays.

  4. If the location where you want to install Capture does not include any spaces, skip to step 8. If the location does include spaces, for example ‘Program Files’, follow the next step.
  5. Enter CMD to activate the command line functionality, or open a separate command line window.
  6. Enter cd <filepath> to navigate to the parent folder of the location you want to install Capture to. For example, enter cd C:\ if the MSI is located in the Program Files folder, or a folder within Program Files.
  7. Enter dir/x to display a list of alternative folder names that do not contain spaces.
  8. You will need to do this for all folders in the path containing spaces.

  9. In PowerShell, navigate back to the location of the CaptureInstall-3-0.msi.
  10. Enter:
  11. Copy
    msiexec --% -i “CaptureInstall-3-0.msi” WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS=”/DIR=C:\<FILEPATH> /VERYSILENT”

    replacing <C:\FILEPATH> with the required install location, using folder names with no spaces.

    The Capture installer will run and Capture 3.0 will be available once installed.

    Silent install does not place the Capture shortcut icon on the user’s desktop, this will need to be done manually if required.