Censor or omit sensitive data

Omit data during capture

Using Pause to omit data during capture will avoid capturing sensitive data and remove the need for post-capture editing.

  1. To start capturing, click the Capture icon in the task bar.

  2. When you are at a stage in the process that you do not want to capture, return to the task bar icon (now a red record button during capture), and click Pause.

  3. When you have completed the section of the process you do not want to capture, click Continue to resume capturing.

  4. Continue the process, clicking Pause when necessary.
  5. Save the capture as normal.

Remove data after capture

To remove sensitive data from an existing capture:

  1. Open the capture.
  2. In Step actions, click on text you want to change and manually delete the sensitive data.

  3. Save and close the amended process.

Censor data in screenshots

If a screenshot shows potentially sensitive or private information, you can use the censor tool to black it out.

See Censor steps for details.