Blue Prism Enterprise process layout overview

This section explains how the elements added to a process created in Enterprise for BP® Capture correspond to Blue Prism elements once imported.

  1. Below is an example of the process Main Page.
  2. Note the disclaimer below the information block on the main page of your process.

  3. Where a decision point has been included in the capture, how it appears in Blue Prism depends on the logic used.

    • A decision point with three or more connections will become a choice node with a floating Otherwise node. An exception node is added to the floating Otherwise node.

    • A decision point with two connections will remain as a decision node. The connection will be overwritten with Yes / No to align with decision node logic in Process Studio.

    • A single connection will become a link.

  4. Groups that have been created in Capture are represented as separate pages in Blue Prism. The page name is auto-generated from the application used (Outlook, Excel, etc).

  5. In Capture, steps that have more than one step action have been separated in Blue Prism into individual action nodes.

    • Separated step actions are grouped together with a block in Blue Prism.

    • Step notes written in Capture are carried over into Blue Prism. These can be located in the description field in the Action Properties of each action node in the block.

  6. Note that the Action nodes have been numbered in Blue Prism. This allows you to track the process as we step through it in conjunction with the PDD.