Import objects into Blue Prism Enterprise

After importing your BPRELEASE file from Enterprise for BP® Capture, you will be able to open any auto-generated objects (if selected in step editor) in Blue Prism.

Auto-generated objects are a starting point for Blue Prism development and will require amending.

Application Modeller information is not yet included in auto-generated objects.

Actions assigned to the same object name will be added as sub pages of the auto-generated object.

Step notes and step action details will be included in the auto-generated object for the related step action.

Linking Capture steps to Business Objects

For step actions that have been assigned an object, an action will be linked to the object in your object library. If you have selected to create an object, this will be linked to the newly auto-generated business object.

To link Capture steps to Business Objects:

  1. After importing your BPRELEASE file from Capture, open the process in process studio.
  2. Step actions will be linked to the object and action name.

  3. Make any changes, as required.