Image storage

Images created while capturing a process are stored in JPG format on the user’s machine in the following fixed location, regardless of where Enterprise for BP® Capture is installed C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Blue Prism\Capture\images.

Images are stored locally on the user’s computer, there is no external connection with which images can be transferred. The only external connection is for the check for updates, which is off by default.


To reduce memory usage, up to three copies of the original image may be stored in the images folder for the following purposes:

  • Image 1 – Full resolution image used in step editor and exported files.
  • Image 2 – Thumbnail of step in process map view.
  • Image 3 – Thumbnail of step in step editor.

When you edit an image (crop, blur etc.), copies are made of the original images with edits applied. The unused images will then be deleted when you exit Capture, see Deleting images.

Deleting images

Unused images are deleted from the folder when you exit Capture (back-end services will continue to run until all unused images have been deleted, this service will then close down unassisted).

The time taken for the unused images to delete is logged in the app.log file.

Exporting processes

During export to JSON format, images are converted to base64 format and so will be supported by Capture 1.0 and 2.0.