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Blue Prism® Interact is a customizable web portal, accessible from any computer or mobile device via a browser. It enables organizations to present processes for user initiation or to involve users within parts of a process that are otherwise automated. Interact acts as both an interface for tasks initiation and a presentation layer for any information that needs to be presented back to a user. It is deployed in a client-specific, multi-faceted configuration, and therefore Interact can give a highly customized look and feel to each user within an organization’s internal or external user base, based on their configuration. Interact provides a mechanism for organizations to put online their service catalog of processes.





Blue Prism Cloud Interact 2.7 to 5.0 Migration Guide

Blue Prism Interact 5.0 web application user guide

Blue Prism Interact 5.0 plugin user guide

Blue Prism Interact Web API Service 5.0 user guide

Blue Prism Interact 5.0 Release Notes

These links will take you away from the Blue Prism Cloud documentation to the Interact 5.0 documentation; the information will open in a new browser tab.

The Blue Prism Interact 5.0 online documentation primarily contains information on using Hub and its plugins. Blue Prism Cloud provides additional functionality, which is covered in this Blue Prism Cloud documentation system.