SS&C | Blue Prism Decision

SS&C | Blue Prism® Decision provides Blue Prism users with the ability to train and deploy intelligent machine‑learning decision‑making models within their Digital Workforce, without requiring any data science expertise. Blue Prism Decision's simple and intuitive user interface allows users to:

  • Define a model – Add a title, description, decision type, and decision variables.
  • Train the model – Use active learning based on defined input variables specified by the model service, without needing any data science knowledge to produce statistically accurate machine‑learning models.
  • Calibrate the model – Review model inputs and outcome predictions, and overwrite model decisions if required.


This guidance assumes that the user is familiar with Blue Prism Cloud digital workforce and has experience with components such as Hub and Blue Prism.




Blue Prism Decision 5.0 model overview

Blue Prism Decision 5.0 user guide

These links will take you away from the Blue Prism Cloud documentation to the Decision 5.0 documentation; the information will open in a new browser tab.

The Blue Prism Decision 5.0 online documentation primarily contains information on using Hub and its plugins. Blue Prism Cloud provides additional functionality, which is covered in this Blue Prism Cloud documentation system.