Frequently asked questions

Upgrade process

Are there any prerequisites that I need to action before I can upgrade?

  • Please refer to your initial email from Blue Prism Cloud giving details of any requirements that exist based on your upgrade path.

How can I book my upgrade?

  • Once the prerequisites are complete, SS&C | Blue Prism will provide a booking link where you will be able to book two upgrade slots (one for Development and one for Production).

What time can the upgrades be done?

  • You will be able to book two upgrade slots (one for Development and one for Production). There will be multiple slots available throughout the week, see the booking link.

How long does an upgrade take?

  • Both Development and Production upgrade windows allow for three hours each.

How can I change my upgrade booking?

  • This can be done via your booking confirmation email, or alternatively email [email protected] to let us know the date and time if you would like us to rearrange this for you.

What happens when my upgrade is complete?

  • You will be informed, via email, once the upgrade has been successfully implemented along with testing steps. If it has been unsuccessful (as determined by Blue Prism Cloud operations), a rollback will be carried out.

What happens if there are any issues during my upgrade?

  • The Blue Prism Cloud engineer will notify you if the upgrade goes over the allotted time window. They will provide updates every 60 minutes and give details of the issues they have encountered.

What happens if I discover issues when testing post upgrade?

  • Please reply to the support ticket email that will initially be raised by the engineer (following the successful completion of the upgrade). This will ensure you receive prompt technical assistance for your upgrade issue.

What is the rollback plan, if any issues occur during the upgrade?

  • Once the upgrade has been applied, you will be informed if it was successfully implemented. If this was unsuccessful, as determined by Blue Prism Cloud operations (for example, an issue with deploying and/or product functionality), a rollback will be carried out and you will be informed. If issues occur after implementation (for example, issues with automations uncovered when you are testing, such as problems connecting to digital workers, loading data, or instructing digital workers), Blue Prism Cloud operations will aim to resolve the issue.

What happens if I do not have enough time to test in Development prior to Production?

  • Please email [email protected] to request an extension to your testing window. Please be aware that your Production window may need to be rescheduled if you need more time testing in Development.

Additional Address Space Requirements

Are there more DNS records for the standard upgrade additional to those added for Blue Prism Enterprise 6.10.5?

  • Yes. Blue Prism Cloud 2023.1 has specific records beyond what was needed for Blue Prism 6.10.5 which will need to be provided, and there are also additional records required for certain plugins for Hub 5.0. When booking your upgrade, you will be provided with a list of all those that are applicable to your upgrade. If you have been upgraded to Blue Prism Cloud 2022.1, some of these might already be configured.

Why do we need additional address spaces for 2023.1 release?

  • As part of Blue Prism Cloud 2023.1 release/upgrade, Blue Prism Cloud uses Kubernetes to host ALM, Interact, Hub 5.0, Decision and Director applications. These new IP address ranges are used by an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster to host these applications.
  • /22 address space is used for the Kubernetes Pod CIDR range and /25 address space for the Kubernetes Service CIDR range.
  • Sizing of the above Pod and Service CIDR ranges is based on the number of workloads that are deployed to the AKS cluster currently as part of 2023.1 release, with a slight buffer/contingency to accommodate additional workloads onto the cluster in future.

Who will be responsible for providing the IPs needed?

  • As part of Blue Prism Cloud 2023.1, you are responsible for choosing the IP ranges.

Are the proposed IP ranges private or public IP address ranges?

  • The ranges suggested in options 1 and 2 (refer to your initial email) are unlikely to be used within your network and are still classified as Private IP ranges. Their use is slightly different to a normal RFC1918 address.

What are the restrictions for the new address spaces?

  • These ranges cannot overlap with your on-premise IP ranges, existing IP range used by the Blue Prism environment and also,,, or, as per the restrictions imposed by Microsoft for hosting applications on AKS clusters.

Will I need to open firewalls on our on-premise firewall devices, if we are using forced tunnelling for Internet traffic?

  • Yes, you will need to allow communication to the Internet on ports 6380, 6379, 1433, 11000‑11999, 5671, 5672, 80, 443 through your firewalls, to enable the applications hosted on AKS clusters to communicate with other Azure services.

Products and Versions

What are the special features of this upgrade?

What information is there about the version I'm upgrading to?

Who do I contact if I need to discuss further details on this upgrade?

Is a Blue Prism v7.1.2 only upgrade possible (for example, without Hub and Interact)?

  • SS&C | Blue Prism are evaluating a Blue Prism version 7.x only update as part of Blue Prism Cloud 2023.2 or 2024.1. However, there is currently no timeline against this.

Are there any Blue Prism Cloud courses?

  • Please visit Blue Prism University for the current Blue Prism Cloud courses. A list of role-based courses can be requested from Blue Prism Educational Services.

Data Lake

After the latest update regarding Blue Prism v7, can we have Data Lake with 6.10.5?

  • The Data Vault and Partitioner will be deployed independent of your version of Blue Prism.

When is the Data Lake solution being deployed to customers?

  • The Data Vault is actively being deployed across all customers.
  • For customers taking the 2023.1 upgrade, this will be a coordinated maintenance activity to reduce downtime. For all other customers, Blue Prism Cloud operations will reach out to coordinate a maintenance window.