SS&C | Blue Prism Automation Lifecycle Management

The Blue Prism digital workers provide an unparalleled skill and capability set, with further use cases being addressable with each new release. Whilst capability is important, usability has been equally considered during the delivery cycle, ensuring enterprises are provided with guard rails to ensure best practices are met. The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) industry has a multitude of methodologies and operating models however these are contained in documents and training materials only. With the development of SS&C | Blue Prism Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM) capability within SS&C | Blue Prism® Hub, enterprises early on in their RPA/IA journey can benefit from application driven controls to ensure the key milestones of a successful delivery are met.


This guidance assumes that the user is familiar with Blue Prism Cloud digital workforce and has experience with components such as Hub and Blue Prism.




Blue Prism ALM 5.0 user guide

Wireframer 5.0 user guide

These links will take you away from the Blue Prism Cloud documentation to the ALM 5.0 documentation; the information will open in a new browser tab.

The Blue Prism ALM 5.0 online documentation primarily contains information on using Hub and its plugins. Blue Prism Cloud provides additional functionality, which is covered in this Blue Prism Cloud documentation system.