Consumption-based pricing FAQ

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What is consumption-based pricing?

Consumption-based pricing is a service provision and payment model that allows Blue Prism Cloud customers to request additional digital workers and pay according to the resources used. This allows Blue Prism Cloud customers to expand their automation capacity to cater for both unexpected and anticipated spikes in demand that fall outside their existing permanent digital worker license agreements.

What is a burst digital worker?

Burst digital workers is the term given to the temporary digital workers that are provided as a result of a request for extra capacity under the consumption-based pricing model.

Who is eligible to use burst digital workers?

Burst digital workers are available to new and existing Blue Prism Cloud customers who have ordered or are ordering a minimum of five Blue Prism Cloud production digital workers with at least 12 months remaining on the subscription term. Burst digital workers cannot be ordered on a standalone basis, and require customers to contractually sign for the burst digital workers.

What are the burst digital worker usage terms?

  • For new customers, the minimum burst digital worker term is one year; for existing customers, the minimum term is the remainder of the production digital worker term and must be at least one year.
  • The request for burst digital workers must be received with at least 2 business days notice in order to provide the requested additional capacity.
  • Burst digital workers provisioned with a base configuration that is the same as the production digital workers.
  • Burst digital workers do not increase the applicable limits contained in Blue Prism Cloud’s Fair Usage policy.
  • In the event that the burst capacity has not been powered on in a given thirty day period, Blue Prism will power it on to stay current in the domain and to allow patches, security/malware updates, and customer software updates to any line of business applications.

Full details of the terms and conditions for Blue Prism Cloud are available here.

How many burst digital workers are available to me?

The number of burst digital workers available to customers is equivalent to the number of production digital workers available in Blue Prism Cloud for at least twelve more months. Blue Prism digital workers installed on-premises do not qualify toward the count, nor do development workers or burst workers.

How do I order burst digital workers?

Download and submit the Burst Request Form available to [email protected] with a minimum of 2 business days advance notice. Please note that you are invoiced for the time you request on the Burst Request Form and not the time you actually use.

How will I be notified about activation and deactivation of burst digital workers?

There will be no advance notice of activation or deactivation of burst digital workers but burst requests will be confirmed when received, and when they are activated. Users must ensure that any processes executing on a burst digital worker will complete before the end of the Burst Term.

What are my responsibilities regarding Burst digital workers?

  • If the production digital workers are domain joined, the Burst digital workers will also need to be too.
  • Line of business applications and customer software are installed on the burst capacity.
  • Burst capacity servers continue to belong to the domain.
  • Burst digital worker identities continue to be valid and active.
  • Line of business applications are kept up to date.

What happens if I don't use my full Burst digital worker capacity?

Unused Burst digital worker capacity is not refundable or otherwise creditable.

What are the components of Consumption Pricing fees?

Consumption Pricing fees are split into the following components:

  • Fees for a subscription to a baseline quantity of production digital workers which meets the minimum requirement as specified under Qualification in the Direct Order Form.
  • Fees for Business Critical Support Services, if applicable, calculated as a percentage of the Base Subscription Fees
  • Fees for Committed Burst Utilization
  • Fees for any requested Burst digital worker(s) time that exceeds the Committed Burst Utilization

Customers are required to pay the base subscription fees, support fees, and the committed utilization fees annually in advance throughout the term. Customer pays the burst fees monthly in arrears only for the periods during which the customer has requested Burst digital workers, and only when the quantity of such Burst digital workers exceeds the Committed Burst Utilization.

What does Committed Burst Utilization mean?

Committed Burst Utilization means that customers commits either:

  • To a minimum utilization of five percent of the maximum burst capacity in a given year; or
  • To a minimum utilization of ten percent of maximum burst capacity in a given year