Microsoft Azure Services overview

Blue Prism utilizes Microsoft Azure Services for providing the underlying infrastructure for Blue Prism® Cloud 2022.1. For the responsibility matrix for the platform, see Responsibility assignment.

Microsoft Azure Services is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that enable Blue Prism Cloud to deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services to our client base on a global scale, being able to provide a localized data center infrastructure.

Blue Prism Cloud is delivered as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) from an Azure Data Center and is designed to automate and digitize the execution of knowledge work performed by human workers.

The service is provided using a number of Virtual Machines (VMs). These are configured to support the different Blue Prism Cloud components and are configured into different subnets to provide security segregation zones. Network Security Groups (NSGs) are established to ensure only acceptable traffic flows between the subnets and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the client site. More details of the underlying infrastructure can be found in the Connectivity and Access datasheet.

When Blue Prism deploy a new service to a client, a new subscription from Microsoft is used to provide the high-level segregation. Subscription segregation ensures that no clients can see each others environments.

The subscription is normally established in the data center which is closest to the client office. For geographical location information on data centers where Blue Prism can deploy to, including the locations of US Government approved regions, see Microsoft Azure – Global infrastructure.

The minimum configuration of a client subscription is eleven virtual machines. This is made up as follows:

  • 1 x Management Server
  • 2 x Web Server, supporting Hub and Interact
  • 2 x Blue Prism Application Server
  • 5 x Production Digital Workers
  • 1 x Development Digital Worker

The databases to support Blue Prism Cloud are not configured on a VM but are delivered using Microsoft Azure DB services. This ensures that the databases are in continual operational status irrespective of a component level failure as the underlying technology supports replication. Disaster recovery services ensure that a point in time recovery can be performed to allow a controlled rollback to anywhere within the last seven days. Because of the level of resiliency built into the platform Blue Prism Cloud offer as standard a 99.9% service level agreement for availability.

Blue Prism also utilize Microsoft Cognitive Services to deliver their service.

The VMs are built with the following configuration:


Digital Worker VMs

All other VMs

Virtual CPU cores




8 GB

16 GB


128 GB

128 GB

Operating system

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise, version 22H2

Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Blue Prism monitor the VMs and ensure that they are running efficiently, where issues are identified they are investigated and action undertaken to rectify.