IADA Email

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IADA Email® is a Blue Prism business object artifact that has been designed to allow a more fully flexible and powerful email management solution for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This is used within the Blue Prism Cloud Digital Workforce® to provide a complete email management tool for Microsoft Outlook.

The artifact comes with simple to use and understand actions, yet provides a vast range of input parameters, enabling you to completely change the functionality of actions to suit your requirements, or that of the process definition.

IADA Email has been designed to be lightweight, with only a few DLL’s (Dynamic Link Library) required. Our developers have combed through all MS Outlook functionality and created a powerful library functions that the business object artifact can leverage.

The artifact also accepts input and output of native design data structures such as Collections. There is no need to mess around with JSON, XML or List objects, with complex and unreliable conversion functions.

It is assumed as part of this guide that the user is familiar with Blue Prism Cloud digital workforce and has experience with components such as Hub and Blue Prism.

This feature is only available on Blue Prism Cloud platforms hosted on Microsoft Azure.