Blue Prism Hub overview

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What is Hub?

Blue Prism Hub (Hub) serves as the interface for the management of automation lifecycles, acting as a productivity tool for a company’s Center of Excellence (CoE) so organizations can Identify, Scope, Design, Build, Test, Deploy and Operate enterprise process automations.

Hub’s business-friendly interface and control room environment gives organizations access and insight into their process automation landscape – including digital worker utilization and performance and the ability to support CoE roles and responsibilities in guiding successful and scalable outcomes. Hub can also be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and is designed with end-user security in mind.

Standalone product, flexible deployment options

Hub was previously only available as part of the comprehensive Blue Prism Cloud Platform – a turnkey PaaS-based intelligent automation platform that accelerates speed to value and simplifies scaling. Today, organizations can access Hub – along with IADA® and Interact – as a separate component to complement and enhance on-premises, hybrid, and hosted instances of Blue Prism.

Competitive advantages

As the starting point for many roles in the setup of new processes and functionality, Hub allows companies to both develop and oversee their digital workforce. Through a clear and configurable dashboard, Hub gives instant access into all automated processes running on the platform from insight into your process exceptions to the utilization rate of digital workers. Hub empowers your CoE with the right information that allow them to fulfill their roles and support overall digital workforce strategy.

Hub users also get access to Wireframer, a powerful process automation design tool that autonomously builds out the core process structure, ensuring that the appropriate controls are in place for everything from application interaction to exception handling.

Key Features

Powered by the intelligence data collected from IADA® – another Blue Prism Cloud standalone product that acts as an integrated digital supervisor to manage utilization and digital worker efficiency – Hub is designed to support an organization’s human operators.

  • Designed for the modern business user: With the intuitive ‘no-code’ interface, users from across the business can be enabled to use the system and get up and running quickly. Access the cutting-edge dashboard analytics to share metrics including the return on investment with your business stakeholders
  • Train digital workers: With Hub, Blue Prism digital workers are unique to each customer. Teach them the procedural steps of your process through Wireframer or understand the unique language of your business through the Natural Language Understanding trainer interface.
  • Manage your automation lifecycle: Control automation lifecycles with centralized definition and management of automation progress, as well as delivery milestones. The industry-recognized Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM) plugin shifts the dependency for isolated third-party project management applications to give organizations a holistic view of their automation estates.
  • Understand business priorities and SLAs: Understand the diverse portfolio of work that your digital workers have to fulfill through a business lens. Using Queue overview capabilities within Hub, workloads are more visible with the associated business metrics to ensure work is managed and executed in the order your business dictates.
  • In-line notifications: Define and configure conditions for event notifications to allow you to respond to your unique business circumstances. Per-user notifications allow for information to be brought to the attention of the relevant individual, or individuals, so they can act accordingly.
  • White-label to your brand preference: Hub’s customization setting lets users create a look and feel that aligns with their business brand. Users can also change language and terminology to make the Hub experience similar to that of a company’ internal toolset.


  • Aligned to your business: Hub supports the automation lifecycle and CoE roles, helping organizations deliver with a best practice-aligned application that promotes successful automation outcomes.
  • Upskill existing employees: Current team members can use Hub, without bringing in additional resources. The smart user experience-optimized design simplifies the task of digital workforce management.
  • Instant business intelligence: Extract, analyze and benchmark digital workforce and process management information to reinforce business decisions.
  • Supports scalability: When organizations are ready to scale automation operations, use the same Hub interface to manage all additional digital workers and processes. Simply onboard additional users on Hub using our training materials.
  • Secured to your standards: Mature role-based access control ensures every aspect of Hub is secured to privileges you set. Allow your business administrators to define roles to fit the needs of your CoE.
  • Deploy globally with language localization: End users can choose from a range of localized user interface language preferences to simplify the adoption of the interface within their CoE.

About Blue Prism Cloud

Blue Prism Cloud is a turnkey PaaS-based intelligent automation platform that accelerates speed to value and simplifies scaling. It allows companies to access and deploy intelligent digital workers directly from the cloud to accelerate their digital transformation journey and swiftly extend the benefits of automation across the enterprise. By integrating this digital workforce with their teams, companies can accelerate growth and achieve a step change in efficiency.