DNS requirements for the Blue Prism Cloud platform on AWS

Blue Prism Cloud on AWS uses Amazon Route 53 Domain Name System (DNS) web service for domain registration, DNS routing, and health checking. Amazon Route 53 enables the Blue Prism Cloud platform to establish a connection to the customer's data center. For more information on Amazon Route 53, see the AWS documentation.

You will need to provide the required details according to the Platform Configuration Form (PCF) that is sent to you when you sign up for Blue Prism Cloud. These details are used at the point of platform setup, when the AWS infrastructure is created according to Blue Prism's Standard Operation Procedures. The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is created according to the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) Block Range mentioned in the PCF, and linked to your data center using site-to-site VPN.

Amazon Route 53 configurations

Typically, your Blue Prism Cloud platform utilizes your organization's DNS servers to be able to resolve hostnames/URLs to the applicable IP addresses. If no custom DNS servers are provided, Blue Prism Cloud operations will utilize an internal private DNS resolver.

Configuration information is provided with your on-boarding pack.