Data Security

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This guidance details the transition and storage of client data through the Blue Prism® Cloud Digital Workforce platform. The guidance is intended to clarify precisely how client data is used within the platform and where, if applicable, client data is held so that an informed decision can be made regarding the protection of private and sensitive data.

For each of the applicable components in the Blue Prism Cloud Digital Workforce platform, details of data transition and storage are specified. This is performed through responding to a series of questions to explain how data is managed through the platform. These questions are typical of client and partner requests that Blue Prism Cloud have received.

The diagram below illustrates the typical architecture and can be used to reference the components within the platform architecture hosted on Azure.

The diagram below illustrates the components within the platform architecture hosted on AWS.

During the deployment of the Blue Prism Cloud platform, Blue Prism do not require access to live client data. It is recommended that only anonymized test data is used which does not show any private or sensitive information. However, should this not be possible Blue Prism have operational controls in place to ensure client data is controlled in accordance with the policies and procedures that are evaluated as part of our ISO27001:2017 accreditation and our role as a data processor according to GDPR.

This document sets out to explain how client data is used within the Blue Prism Cloud Digital Workforce platform and to understand the platform controls that are in place. Client data which is processed within the applications and systems is intended to be never held at rest within the environment, however due to the nature of some clients business processes this is not always possible. The various platform components handle information differently and have distinctive safeguards in place to minimize, if not stop, the storing of client data when / if they are used.

Security recommendations

The following security recommendations should be considered when working with the Blue Prism Cloud Digital Workforce platform:



Blue Prism

In line with Blue Prism best practices, it is recommended that logging levels should be set to Errors Only for production environments, generating limited logs only when an issue presents itself. If required, logging levels can then be changed to help diagnose the issue.

Client operators are in control of logging levels and can change them though this is not recommended except in the development environment where clients should use non-sensitive information during development.


Documents should be stored in the client Folder Store/File Share and not within the platform itself. Folders are then monitored and once populated, the OCR component will ingest and issue the captured fields to a queue in the RPA capability.

When consuming, information is processed externally from a client platform, due to leveraging third-party cognitive services. Users of the Digital Workforce platform are in control as to what information is sent to within an automation.


The sections below provide a question and answer style approach to explain the flow of data within the Blue Prism Cloud Digital Workforce. All aspects of the platform components are included, with the document order being aligned to the event timeline journey of work (business process tasks) execution.