Connectivity and Access

This information outlines the connectivity of Blue Prism® Cloud to a customer estate. Detailed are the access requirements of the digital workers to execute the defined processes against the line of business applications as well as for operators and designers to access the platform, it serves as a reference document for any business IT or architectural teams involved in the deployment.

Blue Prism® Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution deployed into Microsoft Azure Services (Azure) or Amazon Web Services (AWS). The digital workers emulate a user executing knowledge-based work and connect to the customer application(s) through a private network connection, such as Site-to-Site VPN. This enables the digital workforce to exist as a logical extension to the network. Several safeguards are in place to protect the platform from unauthorized access. This document details the controls around this connectivity to prevent unauthorized access whilst enabling legitimate users’ management control to the platform for operational purposes.

The diagram below illustrates the overall Data Center connectivity to the customer site identifying key safeguards.