Blue Prism Cloud hosting comparison – Azure versus AWS

The Blue Prism Cloud platform is hosted on either Microsoft Azure Services (Azure) or on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This will depend on your requirements, the scale of your Blue Prism Cloud solution, and any preference your organization may have, based on existing relationships or functional requirements.

The information below provides an overview of the differences between Blue Prism Cloud on Azure and on AWS.

Available within Blue Prism Cloud 2022.1




Blue Prism® 6.10

Blue Prism® Hub 4.6

Blue Prism® Interact 4.6

Blue Prism® Automation Lifecycle Management 4.6

IADA 1.5.1

IADA Email 4.1

OCR uses a third-party service hosted on Microsoft Azure, regardless of the cloud services platform you use.


IADA is not available on AWS. However, the Blue Prism product roadmap includes a successor to IADA that is due for release late 2022. The intention is that this will be made available on both Azure and AWS with the next version of Blue Prism Cloud.

IADA Email

IADA Email is not available on AWS. IADA Email relies on Microsoft DLLs which cannot be provided on AWS. However, you can use other email VBOs that are available on the Digital Exchange.

Microsoft Connectors and Microsoft Licensing Restrictions

Due to Microsoft licensing restrictions, it is not possible to install Microsoft Office on Blue Prism Cloud on AWS, nor use existing connectors between Microsoft Office 365 and Blue Prism Cloud on AWS. You may be able to leverage standard Microsoft Office Graph APIs for certain Microsoft Office 365 functionality. Initially, Blue Prism Cloud on AWS connectors will be limited to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook, with the caveat that Excel macros are not supported within the native Graph API. Currently, there is not a Graph API for Microsoft Word.

If you are using existing Microsoft Office 365 VBOs, you must update the processes using these connectors to function on AWS. Blue Prism Cloud will make commercially reasonable efforts to revise existing processes programmatically but cannot ensure equivalent functionality on AWS. Additionally, please note that Microsoft Office Graph APIs have specific Azure dependencies including Azure Active Directory, App Registration and Permissions Management.