Your Blue Prism Cloud 2022.1 platform

The Blue Prism Cloud 2022.1 is the full Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution from Blue Prism. This platform is provisioned from the cloud and delivers the full portfolio of Blue Prism software pre-built and configured for your use, including the digital workers. Blue Prism Cloud is available hosted on either Microsoft Azure Services or Amazon Web Services.

Available within Blue Prism Cloud 2022.1:

Blue Prism®6.10

Blue Prism’s RPA software solution provides the capability for automating processes that would otherwise be executed manually by humans or through extensive proprietary customization of existing IT systems, resulting in a higher level of automation with a significantly lower level of investment and greater speed to deployment.

Blue Prism® Hub 4.6


Blue Prism Hub 4.6 provides secure access to management information and user administration. Hub 4.6 has been created as a lightweight application populated by a series of plugins and features, Blue Prism® Interact, and Blue Prism® Automation Lifecycle Management. Hub 4.6 includes the fresh, new interface introduced in Hub 4.3.

Blue Prism® Interact 4.6

Blue Prism Interact 4.6 provides a collaboration interface that enables organizations to involve users in parts of a process that are otherwise automated. Interact is a customizable web portal that can be used within your organization and accessed via a browser from any computer on your corporate network. Interact acts as both an interface between human and digital workers for data input by the user, and a presentation layer for any information that needs to be displayed to a user.

The Blue Prism Interact plugin within Hub enables automation developers to create web-based forms that will allow a user to interact with automations within the Interact web application.

Blue Prism® Automation Lifecycle Management 4.6

Blue Prism Automation Lifecycle Management enables business analysts to capture and document their organization's business process definitions along with the applicable applications and any business exceptions.

Wireframer is supplied within the ALM plugin. Wireframer enables the user to efficiently define business objects that can be used as part of an automation process.

IADA 1.5.1

IADA allows automation developers to align business metrics to their varied workloads, driving priorities and service level agreements (SLAs) to determine the order that individual queue items should be executed in. allows access to an evolving range of proprietary and third-party cognitive services which can be called as actions from within a workflow and configured by any automation designer or business user.

IADA Email 4.1

IADA Email provides a flexible and powerful email management solution for Robotic Process Automation. This is used within the Blue Prism® Digital Workforce to provide a complete email management tool for Microsoft Outlook.

This feature is only available on Blue Prism Cloud platforms hosted on Microsoft Azure.


OCR manages the extraction and translation of information from document images into machine usable data using optical character and image recognition approaches.