Web APIs

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The Web API functionality provides an interface for configuring native interactions with systems and services that provide published HTTP APIs – the most common of these is RESTful web services.

The Web API Services feature allows Blue Prism processes to interact with these services to either provide data to, or to consume the data or services provided by these external systems within an automated business process. The features provided natively by the Web API functionality allow the most common services to be automated by Blue Prism and these capabilities can be extended using code stages to cater for bespoke or complex data structures and authentication mechanisms.

The Web API configuration tool has been designed to be as flexible as possible to ensure that complex API calls can be configured. Web API definitions are created in the Blue Prism System tab and each definition can contain multiple actions, each one typically representing an endpoint within an API. The actions define how an HTTP request is made and determines how the HTTP Response is translated into output parameters.

Once an API definition has been configured, the associated Actions can be used in Objects to enable Process Developers to use interactions with third-party services as part of an automation.