This section of the help describes how to install and configure Blue Prism version 7 components.

Blue Prism Enterprise Edition

Optional components for version 7

  • Install and configure the Blue Prism API – The Blue Prism API surfaces monitoring data for sessions, work queues, and schedule information, enabling schedule management control. The API establishes a connection between Hub Control Room and Blue Prism, and requires Authentication Server to be set up in Blue Prism Hub.
  • The API can also be consumed independently to programmatically monitor and control your digital workforce. The Blue Prism API enables integration with other business applications and aligns with OpenAPI specification version 3 to utilize tools to speed up the development of integrations.

  • Blue Prism Hub (version 4.3 and later) – An optional installation that allows you to extend Blue Prism version 7 for centralized authentication control via the Authentication Server and use the browser-based Control Room to monitor your digital workforce. The Blue Prism API is required to utilize the Hub Control Room functionality in Hub.

    For more information about Blue Prism Hub and its plugins, see the Blue Prism Hub document system.

Blue Prism Trial and Blue Prism Learning Edition

  • Getting started – Our Trial and Learning editions help you become familiar with Blue Prism.

Installation videos

Our installation videos complement the step-by-step guidance on installing the Blue Prism components, and other compatible products.