Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the Blue Prism product help:

Date updated

Summary of update

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13 September 2022

Added Audit actions and events data sheet

Audit actions and events

12 September 2022

Added Infrastructure Reference Architecture Guide in online help and PDF formats

Introduction to the Infrastructure Reference Architecture Guide

5 September 2022

7.1.1 patch release

Release notes

9 August 2022

Added Desktop tour video

About Blue Prism Desktop

16 June 2022

New! Help published for Blue Prism 7.1.

Blue Prism 7.1 documentation

16 June 2022

New! New product released and help published for Blue Prism Desktop 1.0.

Desktop 1.0 documentation

27 July 2022

Updates to Blue Prism Enterprise installation guide.

Installing enterprise edition

21 July 2022

Added diagrams illustrating the supported Active Directory infrastructure in Blue Prism.

Active Directory integration guide

8 July 2022

Updated Blue Prism Enterprise installation guide with database collation examples and update license note.

Blue Prism Enterprise installation guide