Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the Blue Prism product help:

Date updated

Summary of update

Related help page(s)

24 May 2024

Added generated secret restrictions for service accounts

API configuration

02 May 2024

Updated upgrade notices

Upgrade notices

21 February 2024

Added /getdbscript and /fromrev switches to Command line options.

Command line options

02 February 2024

Added note on automatic archiving for incomplete debug sessions.


15 December 2023

Updated upgrade notices

Upgrade notices

30 October 2023

New Region mode topic added, and Object Studio topics reordered with spy modes moved to a new dedicated spy mode section of the help.

Region mode

30 October 2023

Audit actions and events guide updated with two new codes.

Audit actions and events

27 October 2023

Updated scripted installation information.

Silent installation

18 October 2023

Updated browser extension information.

Edge browser extension and Firefox browser extension

06 October 2023

Added note to Loop Start stage information.

Loop Start stage

27 September 2023

Updated Mainframe page.

Mainframe integration

15 September 2023

Additional information about the /dbwait command has been added.

Command line options

Advanced installation and configuration

01 September 2023

Added details of load balancer compatibility to ASCR guide.

Application Server Controlled Resources (ASCR)

15 August 2023

Added information about restarting the Blue Prism server when updating a server configuration.

Blue Prism server

10 August 2023

Updated Authentication Server information:

  • Added note about client ID being case sensitive from Hub 4.7.
  • Added step 6 in Enable Authentication Server login in you Blue Prism environment section.

Authentication Server configuration

25 July 2023

Added Attribute Tuning Best Practices Guide for Web Applications

Attribute tuning best practices for web applications

24 July 2023

Added clarification on optional components for version 7.


17 July 2023

Added note on required permissions for runtime resources

Troubleshooting browser integration

Java automation

Enterprise preparation

Blue Prism runtime resource

Command line options

Resource PC modes

13 July 2023

Added information for environment variables

Processes/Objects – Environment Variables

23 June 2023

Added information on disabling automatic updates for browser extensions

Disable browser extension automatic updates

9 June 2023

Added reference to Digital Exchange asset on Blue Prism API Postman configuration

API configuration

8 June 2023

Updated Audit Actions and Events Guide

Audit Actions and Events Blue Prism Enterprise 7.1

8 June 2023

Added information on resource pool controllers

Resource pools

30 May 2023

Added links to browser extensions to all 7.0.x and 7.1.x release notes

Release notes

30 May 2023

Updated 7.1.2 release notes for Hub 4.6 compatibility

Blue Prism 7.1.2: December 2022

19 May 2023

Updated the Login Agent guide.

Login Agent

17 May 2023

Updated information on Web API.

Updated information on process and object comparison.

Updated information on Blue Prism API configuration

Web APIs

Process or business object comparison wizard

API configuration

12 May 2023

Updated information on resource pools and grouping resources.

Resource pools and Resource management

28 April 2023

Blue Prism 7.0 release notes updated with BP-2503 correction.

Blue Prism 7.0 release notes

25 April 2023

Added information about supported WSDL specifications.

Web services

22 March 2023

Added information for process and object logs and session log search.

Process Logs and Object Logs

Session Log Search

17 February 2023

Added information on browser extension timeout parameters.

Browser timeout parameters

15 December 2022

7.1.2 patch release.

Release notes

7 December 2022

Added information on saving schedules to schedules, release imports, and release exports.


Import a release

Create a release

15 November 2022

Added new upgrade notice to Blue Prism 7.1.

Upgrade notices

20 October 2022

Added information to Work Queues topic.

Work queues

3 October 2022

Added troubleshooting item for when Windows Process Performance Counters are not enabled.

The browser extension is not detected

13 September 2022

Added Audit actions and events data sheet.

Audit actions and events

12 September 2022

Added Infrastructure Reference Architecture Guide in online help and PDF formats.

Introduction to the Infrastructure Reference Architecture Guide

5 September 2022

7.1.1 patch release.

Release notes

9 August 2022

Added Desktop tour video.

About Blue Prism Desktop

16 June 2022

New! Help published for Blue Prism 7.1.

Blue Prism 7.1 documentation

16 June 2022

New! New product released and help published for Blue Prism Desktop 1.0.

Desktop 1.0 documentation

27 July 2022

Updates to Blue Prism Enterprise installation guide.

Installing enterprise edition

21 July 2022

Added diagrams illustrating the supported Active Directory infrastructure in Blue Prism.

Active Directory integration guide

8 July 2022

Updated Blue Prism Enterprise installation guide with database collation examples and update license note.

Blue Prism Enterprise installation guide