Blue Prism Desktop 1.0: June 2022

About this release

The table below summarizes the core components that need to be installed in a dedicated Blue Prism Desktop environment. This environment will then be accessed from users’ machines via the Blue Prism Desktop client.

Download the installers from the Blue Prism Portal via Product > Related Products > Blue Prism Desktop.

Blue Prism Desktop


This release of the Blue Prism Desktop client application.

Blue Prism Enterprise


This release requires Blue Prism Enterprise to be this version, with a Blue Prism Desktop license applied.

For details of this release of Blue Prism, see Blue Prism 7.1 release notes.

Blue Prism API


The Blue Prism API version installed must always be the same as the Blue Prism Enterprise version number to use the API.

See Blue Prism API for details of enhancements and improvements to the API reference and functionality.

Digital Worker API


The Digital Worker API version installed must always be the same as the Blue Prism Enterprise version number.

Authentication Server (Hub)


Blue Prism Desktop 1.0 release requires this version of Authentication Server for users to log onto Blue Prism Desktop.

See Authentication Server for details on enhancements to the Authentication Server functionality.

Known issues

A list of any prominent issues with this release is maintained in the knowledge base – click here for more information.

Secure development policy

As part of our secure development policy, Blue Prism products are evaluated against the following security standards:

  • OWASP Top 10 –The security vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to applications development. Further information

  • SANS CWE Top 25 – The most common software security vulnerabilities found throughout the software development industry. Further information

  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 – U.S. government standard that defines minimum security requirements for cryptographic modules in information technology products.

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

A compliance highlight summary report is available upon request via Product Support.

Features available in Blue Prism Desktop 1.0

For processes that require human intervention, Blue Prism automations can be initiated in real time by Desktop users, from their computer, using their own credentials. Desktop enables users to run centrally-developed and validated processes with the added confidence that they are centrally managed and have been developed in full compliance with their organization’s IT and security standards. As a result, organizations are assured that auditability and data governance are not compromised.

The following features are available in this first release of Blue Prism Desktop.

Desktop client application

  • Sign into the Desktop client application using Authentication Server.
  • Configure connections for different environments to provide access from the Desktop client.
  • Run processes, selected from a list organized into process groups.
  • Input required data and start-up parameters.
  • View and maintain their own credentials stored in the Windows Credential Manager.
  • View previously run sessions and view any issues that occurred.
  • View entered start-up parameters in the session history.

See the Blue Prism Desktop user help for more information. This help is also accessed by clicking Help center in the Desktop user interface.

Desktop process development

  • Access credentials from Windows Credential Manager using a new internal business object.
  • Enable users to provide additional input while a process is running by using the new Input stage type in processes.
  • Create start-up parameters to be entered by the Desktop user before running the process by using the Start stage type.

See the Blue Prism Desktop Process Developer guide for more information.

Desktop administration

  • Configure connections for different environments to provide access from the Desktop client.
  • Audit Desktop user logon activity using the Blue Prism interactive client.

  • Analyze stages executed in Desktop processes by examining session logs, generated on the Desktop user's machine and synchronized with the Blue Prism database via the new Digital Worker API.

See the Blue Prism Desktop Administrator guide for more information.

Installation and licensing

  • Blue Prism Desktop requires a dedicated environment, separate from any other new or existing Blue Prism Enterprise environments.

  • Unlike Blue Prism Enterprise licenses, the use of which is determined by the number of concurrent sessions, Blue Prism Desktop licenses are associated with the number of registered, unretired Desktop runtime resources.

See the Blue Prism Desktop Installation guide for more information.