Installing Desktop

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This guide provides instructions on how to install and configure SS&C | Blue Prism® Desktop.

If you require further assistance while following this document please contact your Blue Prism Account Manager or Technical Support - [email protected].

Intended audience

This guide is aimed at IT professionals with experience in configuring and managing networks, servers, and databases. The environment configuration and installation process requires familiarity with installing and configuring web servers and databases. However, the installation of the Desktop client onto individual users’ machines does not require specialized knowledge and can be carried out by a Desktop user, if required and depending on your organization’s policy.

Desktop introduction

For processes that require human intervention, Blue Prism automations can be initiated in real time by Desktop users, from their computer, using their own credentials. Desktop enables users to run centrally-developed and validated processes with the added confidence that they are centrally managed and have been developed in full compliance with their organization’s IT and security standards. As a result, organizations are assured that auditability and data governance are not compromised.