Desktop administration

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The following information relates to system administration that is specific to the use of the SS&C | Blue Prism® Desktop product.

Desktop licenses

Unlike Blue Prism Enterprise licenses, whose use is determined by the number of concurrent sessions, Desktop licenses are associated with the number of registered Desktop runtime resources.

When a user logs into the Desktop client for the first time, their machine is registered as a Desktop runtime resource and a Desktop license is associated with that machine. If another user logs onto that machine, they will share the same Desktop license.

To remove a license from a machine and make it available for another machine, the Desktop system administrator will need to retire the Desktop runtime resource, see Resource management for details. Subsequent login attempts on that machine will fail until the resource is unretired.

Blue Prism Desktop license in System - License

In Desktop 1.0, you cannot apply a Desktop license and a Blue Prism Enterprise license to a single environment. Desktop requires its own, separate environment to function correctly.

Concurrent Blue Prism Desktop Sessions dashboard

Concurrent Blue Prism Desktop Sessions dashboard