Citrix Integration

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Applications presented in a Citrix Virtual Desktop Environment (VDE) can be natively automated using Blue Prism from this release. Users who are able to install Blue Prism directly into the Citrix VDE can take advantage of native spying techniques in addition to the previously available surface automation approach.


The following prerequisites must be met before setting up Citrix automation:

  • Blue Prism 7.1 must be installed on the user's local machine.
  • The Citrix Workspace application must be installed on each runtime resource that will automate the Citrix VDE natively and on each interactive client used to build these processes.
  • Ability to install Blue Prism on the Citrix VDE for the profile of the user account used to log into the VDE.

Setup overview

Blue Prism communicates with the Citrix VDE using the virtual channel driver which forwards the data over an ICA channel. The data is received by the Blue Prism AppMan.Service.exe and is forwarded to the Blue Prism Application Manager via internal communication.

The following steps must be completed to automate applications via a Citrix VDE:

  1. Install Blue Prism on the Citrix VDE.
  2. Install Blue Prism on the interactive clients used to build processes and on the runtime resources used to run the processes.
  3. Automate applications via a Citrix VDE.


The following are current limitations when connecting a runtime resource to a Citrix VDE:

  • Only one Citrix VDE can be automated from a single Blue Prism runtime resource.
  • Only one digital worker can be connected to one Citrix VDE.