This section of the help describes how to install and configure Blue Prism version 7 components.

Blue Prism Enterprise Edition

Optional components for version 7

  • Install and configure the Blue Prism API – The Blue Prism API exposes monitoring data for sessions, work queues, and schedule information, enabling schedule management control. The API establishes a connection between Hub and Blue Prism but can also be consumed independently to programmatically monitor and control your digital workforce.
  • Blue Prism Hub (version 4.3 and later) – An optional installation that allows you to extend Blue Prism version 7 for centralized authentication control via the Authentication Server and use the browser-based Control Room to monitor your digital workforce.

    This content is in a separate documentation system, dedicated to the Hub product.

Blue Prism Trial and Blue Prism Learning Edition

  • Getting started – Our Trial and Learning editions help you become familiar with Blue Prism.

Installation videos

Our installation videos complement the step-by-step guidance on installing the Blue Prism components, and other compatible products.