Blue Prism API

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The Blue Prism API provides a common interface for components such as Blue Prism Hub to connect with the Blue Prism database. It also provides a series of predefined capabilities that can be used by custom solutions to interact with Blue Prism programmatically using a RESTful API, such as:

  • Access to monitoring data such as sessions, work queues, and schedule information.
  • Schedule management control.
  • Adding items to Blue Prism work queues ready for processing by your digital workforce.

Intended audience

This guide is aimed at IT professionals with experience in configuring and managing networks, servers, and databases. The installation process requires familiarity with installing and configuring web servers and databases.

Typical deployment

The Blue Prism API must be installed to use the browser-based Control Room plugin, available in Blue Prism Hub 4.3 and later.

The API must be installed on an IIS enabled server which should have a low latency connection to the Blue Prism database.

Only one instance of the Blue Prism API can be installed and hosted on the same server.

It is recommended that the Blue Prism API is installed on its own server. Whilst is is possible for it co-exist with other Blue Prism server components where IIS is enabled, this will increase the surface area of the device, and is therefore not recommended in production environments.

Blue Prism API deployment