User permissions

Blue Prism provides a high level of control to system administrators wishing to limit the actions that may be performed by ordinary users. Indeed, in many parts of Blue Prism, an administrator may specify not only which sections of the system a user may access, but may specify precisely which buttons a user may press within that section.

Set a user's permissions

A user with permission to access System Manager may set the roles and permissions of another user from the Security - Users screen.

To edit the permissions of a user, select a user from the list view and click Edit in the top right-hand side.

In the User Settings configuration dialog, navigate to the Roles and Permissions tab and select/deselect the required permissions in the right-hand side tree view.

Use of roles to set permissions

When a Blue Prism role exists, a user may be assigned permissions conveniently simply by selecting/deselecting permissions associated with the list of roles on the left-hand side. This will automatically enable the actions contained in that permission. This feature is especially convenient when setting the permissions of many users one after the other. For information about how to create custom roles, see Blue Prism user roles.