Processes – history

The process history feature in System > Processes - History enables a Blue Prism administrator (or an external auditor) to vet the changes made to a process between every save. A copy of a process is made after each save, preserving that version of the process indefinitely. The process comparison form allows for an immediate comparison of two processes by placing them side by side and highlighting the stages in the process that have changed.

Two versions of the same process can be compared (i.e. before and after editing); this feature is described below. Alternatively, two arbitrary processes may also be compared using the Compare Selected Process option, see the process comparison help for details.

Selecting a process for scrutiny

An administrator may compare two versions of the same process from system manager, in the "processes" section under the "process history" tab. All available processes are listed in the drop-down menu; this includes all past processes, even processes that have been deleted.

After selecting a process the list view beneath the drop-down menu will be populated with all versions of the process together with the time and date of creation of that version (ie the time at which the 'save' button was pressed); with the user who created that version; and with an edit summary.

The changes made between two versions may be viewed by selecting the two versions of interest and clicking "compare selected processes".

Using the Comparison form

Once fully loaded, the comparison form will display the two processes side by side with all modified stages highlighted according to the following scheme: new stages are highlighted in green; deleted stages are highlighted in red; and modified stages are highlighted in yellow.

By hovering on a modified stage, the user may discover (what Blue Prism considers to be) the most significant change that has happened to that stage by reading the yellow tooltip. A comprehensive list of changes discovered by the tool may be displayed by right-clicking the stage of interest and selecting 'Show full changes list'. In addition. the user may compare stages manually by viewing the properties of a stage in the same way as they would in process studio.

Options in the menu on this form (such as print, zoom etc) apply to the process version that is currently selected. This selection is indicated by the blue band that surrounds the process. If you wish to print a version of a process from the process comparison tool, select the process version that you want to print by clicking on any part of it; verify that it is now surrounded by a blue band; and choose 'print' from the 'file' menu.