Contained databases

Blue Prism supports the use of contained databases, hosted on Microsoft SQL Server. To use a contained database, it is necessary to manually create the database and apply the Blue Prism CreateScript.sql.

The CreateScript.sql script can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Via a request to Blue Prism Customer Support
  • Generated using AutomateC. To generate the script, use the following command:

    AutomateC.exe /getdbscript > CreateScript.sql

  • Generated using the Blue Prism client: Click Generate Script at the bottom of the Create a new database or Upgrade the database screens.

Create and configure contained databases

  1. Create a SQL Server database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or by using an alternative method if required.
  2. Run the script to create the required Blue Prism tables, views and other required objects in the database.
  3. Configure a connection to the database as described in Create and configure a Blue Prism SQL database.