Intelligent automation skills

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A Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Skill is an item of functionality, such as a pre-configured connection to an external service or capability, that has been branded and packaged for use in a Blue Prism process automation. Skills packages typically contains a web API definition but can also include any number of objects, processes, and credentials, that support the use of the API definition. Packages can be imported into Blue Prism and subsequently used as stages in objects and processes, providing a quick and effective way of interacting with different technologies without the overhead of having to create and configure the required Blue Prism items.

The following features facilitate the use of Intelligent Automation Skills in the Blue Prism client:

  • Skill packages, with the .bpskill file type, can be imported into Blue Prism using the File > Import function.
  • The Skills > Management screen lists all imported skills and provides controls to enable, disable, and find references.
  • The Skills toolbar in Object Studio and Process Studio provides access to all enabled skills, utilizing drag-and-drop functionality to add skills to business objects and processes.
  • The Import Skill, Manage Skill, and View Skill permissions can be enabled for user roles.

Skills packages can be downloaded from the Blue Prism Digital Exchanged (DX) and are categorized in the following groups:

Knowledge and Insight

Planning and sequencing

Visual perception

Problem solving