Documentation update history

The following updates have been made to the Blue Prism product documentation:

Date updated

Summary of update

Help page

07 May 2024

Update upgrade notices.

Upgrade notices

05 February 2024

Added note on automatic archiving for incomplete debug sessions.


31 January 2024

Added 6.6.3, 6.7.5, and 6.8.4, patch release notes.

Release notes

27 December 2023

Update upgrade notices.

Upgrade notices

30 September 2023

New Region mode topic added, and Object Studio topics reordered with spy modes moved to a new dedicated spy mode section of the help.

Region mode

27 September

Corrected release note entry for BG-3819.

Blue Prism 6.5.2: August 2022

15 September 2023

Additional information about the /dbwait command has been added.

Command line options

Advanced installation and configuration

15 August 2023

Added information about restarting the Blue Prism server when updating a server configuration.

Blue Prism server

14 July 2023

Added information for environment variables

Processes/Objects – Environment Variables

24 April 2023

Added information about supported WSDL specifications

Web services

20 April 2023

Added information for process and object logs and session log search.

Process Logs and Object Logs

Session Log Search

21 November 2022

Updated upgrade notices.

Upgrade notices

09 August 2022

6.8.3 patch release

Release notes

26 July 2022

Updates to Blue Prism Enterprise installation guide.

Installing enterprise edition

04 July 2022

New How-to videos added to various pages.

16 June 20022

Updated upgrade notices.

Upgrade notices

Updated list of guides.


25 April 2022

Updated Data Gateways guide with new engine.

Added Blue Prism Upgrade guide.

Data Gateways

Upgrading Blue Prism

16 March 2022

New company logo.


21 July 2021

Added missing release note bg-2979.

Blue Prism 6.5: April 2019

10 June 2021

New Help user interface, including side navigation and updated toolbar.

How to use the documentation system

06 January 2021

Added missing release note bg-4974.

Blue Prism 6.8: June 2020

Added missing release notes bg-5239 and us-7195.

Blue Prism 6.7: February 2020

08 September 2020

Upgrade notices updated for 6.8 and added for 6.7.3.

Upgrade notices

Release notes added for 6.8.1.

Blue Prism 6.8.1: September 2020

Release notes added for 6.7.3.

Blue Prism 6.7.3: September 2020.

02 June 2020

Blue Prism 6.8 help released.