SOAP web services

This topic assumes that you are familiar with the concepts surrounding web services and that you are familiar with the relevant terminology such as 'WSDL' and 'URL'. For an overview of web services in Blue Prism, see the Web services help page.

Add a web service

The 'add a web service' wizard consists of three or four stages, depending on the nature of the service being added.

  1. Supply the URL of a WSDL – Please input the URL of a WSDL document describing the web service that you would like to add.
  2. Choose a web service – If the WSDL document supplied in the last step describes more than one web service then you will be asked to choose one of the listed services; if you wish to add all such services then you will have to repeat the wizard adding them one by one. If the WSDL document only describes one service then this step will be skipped automatically.
  3. Choose which methods you wish to make available – A list of methods offered by the web service will be presented. Place a checkmark next to each method which you would like to make available in Process Studio under this service.
  4. Choose a name for the service – Give a name to your web service. This can be any name and will be the name which appears in Process Studio to identify the web service.