This mechanism has largely been superseded by the Release Manager. For specific details about exporting a process within a release see the help documentation for the New Release wizard. The Export Process functionality is still available to allow the export of processes and visual business objects to Blue Prism environments managed by earlier (pre-4.1) versions of the software.

The process export feature allows you to make a local copy of a process (or visual business object) within your current Blue Prism database. It will be stored as an XML file — a convenient format for human inspection and email transfer.

Reasons for exporting a process/business object include:

  • Copying it from a test database to a live database (via an export from the test database followed by an import into the target database);
  • Sending it to Blue Prism for technical support.

Export a process

To export a process (or visual business object), proceed as follows:

  1. In process studio, select File > Export and select the required option:
    • This page – Export only the current page of the process/object.
    • This process (or business object) – Export the whole process/object.
    • There is also an option to export the process/object as part of a release by creating or modifying a package. For more information about creating releases, see Releases.
  2. Enter a location to save the exported file to. This may be a new file name, or you may wish to overwrite an existing file.
  3. Click Finish. You will be prompted for confirmation if you have chosen to overwrite an existing file; this will include the opportunity to choose a different file name instead, should you change your mind.


This video shows you have to clone, export, and import Blue Prism processes.