Getting started with Multi-Team Environments

Multi-Team Environments provide the following key features in Blue Prism:

  • An Access Rights option is available in the context menu for groups of processes, objects, and resources from where permissions are applied for the items in that group. The option is also available for each item in a group, providing a read-only view of the permissions applied for the group. The mechanism provided by this feature for securing access to resources, replaces the previous capability of applying permissions directly to individual resources. Any previously applied permissions must be manually reconfigured.
  • Default groups are available for processes, objects, and resources. When logging into Blue Prism following an upgrade, all processes, objects, and resources that were previously stored at the top level in their respective folders, are added to a default group – items can no longer be stored at the root level in a tree. For further information, see Default group.

Click through the following sections for more details on how to configure multi-team environments: